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Interior design consultation

My aim is for each and every one to thrive in their workplace, and that this place also offers an inspiring environment where one feels welcomed and needed. Perhaps this already describes your workplace, or perhaps something is missing to fit the description? Perhaps inspiration is lacking? Or the office is disorganised? Maybe there are too few plants and insufficient lightning?

Are the best conditions in place to perform in a sustainable and creative way? If not, it is possible to change and to create big impact with relatively small means.

I will look at the companies guiding principles, and based on those help you highlight the real needs to be met. With this in mind I will then create the office/ workplace to fit in with this vision. In this throwaway society I want to help you achieve something different. I will first and foremost see to what you already have; what can be achieved with the objects and interior that already exists? I may also clear things out that take up too much time and space.

Practically what will happen is I visit you and we go through the room/rooms, or perhaps a whole office, that you require help with. After my visit I will feedback ideas and suggestions for possible improvements.

The consultation usually takes place in situ. However, an online consultation is also possible. From there on the main bulk of the work is carried out in my office, and I will get back to you with a mood board, colour samples, floor plans, a task list and potentially a shopping list.

Party and Events

Celebrate good teamwork between colleagues, company success or perhaps a Christmas party, and let me help create a beautiful setting for the celebrations.

I can help with everything from planning to table settings, decorations and floral arrangements. I also offer a whole package where sourcing and purchases are also included.

Please get in touch for quotes.


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