On request, I organise inspirational evenings and talks on sustainable and wholesome design.
In addition to my work with Formlind I am also an administrator and teaching assistant for the Design for Graceful Living course. For further information please have a look at the website


Create an educational circle for you and your friends. Each one of you chooses a specific area of interest, or something you would like help with in your own home. We then take turns visiting everyone’s homes together to discuss your individual wishes and requirements and look at the room you want to give a new lease of life.

This circle is formed by both theory and practice. Perhaps in one home we mostly discuss ideas, and in another we get more practically involved and move furniture around to create a new layout. We will look at colour, form and the importance of surrounding yourself with objects that you personally like.

What to do
Gather together a group of friends and acquaints or perhaps work colleagues, of around 4-6 people, and get in touch.
We will set the dates together so they suite everybody. I would propose one session every other week as a good time frame.
All the participants’ homes.
Prior to the visit in your home I will have asked you to choose a room/space you would like to go over during the session. Based on what you have chosen and what you need help with I will be able to prepare sufficiently beforehand, and we will also discuss together as a group. As an example, you might wish for a more restful and balanced bedroom, or a more welcoming and practical entrance way? The choice of room is completely yours.
Together with the practical experience and knowledge, you will also receive a compilation of the work undertaken in all the rooms, not just from your own home. You will also receive inspiration and advise hopefully leading you to continuously apply what you learnt to other parts of your home.


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