Karin Wells: ”Marika possess a unique combination of knowledge and touch. I felt confidence in her work and of her delivering an extraordinary result- and she did. Thank you!”

Moa Gudmundsdottir: ”I have a large family but a rather small hallway. The hallway always felt overfull and restricted. Marika’s ideas for improving the space felt so natural! The ideas were also easy to carry out which suited our wallet well. Now, the hallway feels more spacious and can contain a lot of things. Thank you!

The work carried out by and with Formlind has been characterized by ambition, responsiveness and inspiration, as well as leading to a beautiful and harmonious result.”

Therese Oljans Backlin: "Marika is nice and easy to work with. She gave me concrete advice in regards to furniture layout, lighting and colour. Some of the suggestions I wasable to carry out immediately, whilst some are still on my to-do list.
Marika certainly have an eye for colour and form and she made me see things in a new light in regards to aspects such as furnishings. I like the fact that I was given tasks to carry out for the forthcoming meeting, it meant I made a start with the planned changes. I can strongly recommend her consultation."

Agneta Nyholm Winqvist, author and founder of School of Graceful Living: "Marika is a fantastically skilled interior designer and I am so proud of her.”

Annaskolan, Dalarnas Waldorfskola: ”Marika has in a creative and tangible way worked to decorate and furnish the schools’ communal room for use by the schools’ pupils. She managed to consider all the important aspects such as the users’ needs, sustainability, the prevailing style of the corporation as well as taking into consideration the local area, all with an overall comprehensive view. She presented her thoughts and ideas in a clear way making it easy to take on board what she said. The consultation with Marika was fantastic and really helped us to move forward."

Catarina Wahlert: "Through Marika’s ideas I gained an innovative way of looking at how a room can be utilised. Through her intuitive approach she invited to a good dialogue where focus lay on the wishes and thoughts I as a client had."

Camilla Carlgren Berg - Paloma: "Marika carries out her work in a very professional yet personal way. This combination makes me feel in safe hands when hiring her for improvements both at home and in my workplace. Marika can see the whole picture in spaces and interiors but also explore the individual details such as materials, colours and lighting. I can highly recommend her!"

Marie Barthelson: :"Marika is of a very genuine nature as a Graceful Living interior design, and she lives and breathes her teaching with great wisdom. ‘Timeless design’ and ‘sustainability’ are two out of many words I associate with Marika.”

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