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About me

"I want to inspire to live a more sustainable life in relation to ourselves, our fellow humans and our precious earth. I believe this can be achieved by starting where we stand, and by creating living and working environments with soul, devoid of throwaway objects."

Founder and owner of Formlind is me, Marika Berglund. I live with my family in a small village in Dalarna, Sweden. I believe in a pared-back way of life where happiness is not defined by how much we own. But rather about seeing the beauty in the simple things and show respect for the objects surrounding us. We also need to rethink regarding our unsustainable throwaway culture, for now and the future; our earth and coming generations.

I was brought up in the archipelago of St Anna, Sweden and have always been close to nature. Barren cliffs, stormy seas and wild meadows- this is where I find my inspiration. In my work I take inspiration from nature in its simplicity.
I am an interior designer and my company is guided by the belief that we can influence our wellbeing by being in beautiful surroundings. I wish each and every one to feel comfortable and at ease in their abodes, large or small, old or new. I want your home to feel like your castle.

My aim is to create atmospheres with a soul that both considers, the individual at one end, and the producer at the other end, as well as the environment. I have the ability to find and elevate the beautiful in every setting whilst maintaining functionality. Your home should be your sanctuary where you can relax and be yourself.

My vision is to be able to share my knowledge and commitment to as many people as possible, and for them to be able to invest that knowledge and inspiration in their own homes and workplaces.


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