FORM – for the love of beautiful forms
and for the strength to form the place
and the kind of life I want.

LIND- to always remember my roots.



Interior design is so much more than just what furniture we own. It is how we create a life together with the important people in our lives. It is also about what you as an individual or organisation want to create on this Earth. In my work I always refer to the word ‘present or existing’ as a motto. What have you already got that we can use, and how can it be utilised to its best ability? I strongly believe everything has a place, and that we can greatly improve our lives by keeping things organised around us.

My work in Formlind takes inspiration from nature where aspects such as a spectra of colours, stress reduction and sensory experiences can be found.

I take commissions both from individuals as well as private companies and the public sector who want to create soulful, healthy and sustainable environments. I offer a personalised contact where together we create and form an environment.

Formlind offers services in the following areas;

 • Interior design consultations
 • Design for construction or renovations
 • Preparation and optimizing for sale of property
 • Organising and Sorting
 • Interior design study groups and lectures
 • Party & Events

For you- private

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Education and courses.

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For you - companies

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776 98 Garpenberg

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Monday - Friday: 9.00 - 16.00

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